Mars Hill Realty Group

Corporate / Texas PM Operations

Edward Lui | Broker / Owner

Edward is the Designated Broker and Owner of Mars Hill Realty Group.  He is the Property Manager for Mars Hill Property Management.

He graduated from the University of Rochester, joined the US Army Military Intelligence branch for 5 years and then dived into real estate. He is married to Autumn and has 3 kids: Joshua, Chloe and Sabrina.

After 6 years of real estate experience with two different companies, Edward decided that Georgetown needed a revolutionary company that would stand out from the rest. He threw the traditional, antiquated model of real estate brokerage out the window and started from scratch. Edward came up with four core competencies that help every buyer and seller successfully realize their dreams. He created Mars Hill Realty Group to answer the public’s call for real estate agents that are transparent in their industry and are able to provide a high-level of skill that the Internet can’t replace and HGTV can’t teach. If you’re ready to hire the best negotiators and marketers in Georgetown, give us a call and we’ll treat you like family!

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