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Mars Hill VIP Investor’s Club

The Mars Hill VIP Investor’s Club


We are in business to help long-term real estate investors build wealth in real estate.  Our industry-leading property management systems help our clients achieve peace of mind while we handle all aspects of the marketing, rental, maintenance, financial and other major processes that are involved with rental real estate. Our business model has resulted in industry-low eviction rates, and some of the highest rental returns on the market.  Our goal is to make the experience hassle-free for our clients, so that they can continue to build their portfolio with high income-producing rental homes.  Starting in 2015, we will be offering an exclusive level of service available only to VIP members.  The Mars Hill VIP Investor’s Club will have several benefits of membership.


Investor’s Club Benefits

1.  Exclusive reports on the real estate rental market and our top investment home picks in the hottest markets nationwide:  Texas, Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.  Geographic diversification is a great way to reduce portfolio risk.  Our members will receive early access to these reports before we make them available to our clients and the rest of the public.

2.  Free Mid-cycle walk-throughs by our in-house Service Coordinator.  You’ll receive a photo report of the home and a Top 5 Preventative Maintenance report with recommendations to keep your investment in tip top shape and prevent costlier repairs down the road.

3.  20% discount on the Mars Hill Maintenance rate instead of the typical 10% that we give to our clients.  This discount can only be applied toward the Top 5 Preventative Maintenance report.

4.  20% renewal fee instead of the typical 30% we charge our clients.

5.  Owners of 6-9 properties receive a reduced management fee of 9%; 8% if you have 10+ properties.

How to Become a Member

1.  Option 1:  Have 3+ properties managed by Mars Hill Property Management

2.  Option 2:  Refer 3+ clients to us who have their homes managed by Mars Hill Property Management

3.  Option 3:  Pay for the Investor’s Club Outright.  Our Membership Price:  $450.00/yr